I like bugs….

No really, hear me out.
I’ve had some really cool things happen because of bugs. Bugs are those unexpected occurrences that can haunt your dreams, or be an unexpected source of inspiration.

I once had a player’s head fall off and roll across the floor. After that, it was no longer a bug and became a feature. When enemies and players alike died, their heads would fall off and become imprompt soccer balls (or footballs for you Europeans).

My most recent bug that I laughed at for longer than I should have, was this gem.

What SHOULD have been happening, is that he throws the corpses at you, which later spawn into enemies who will attack you. However, this was a lot funnier.

Ultimately I didn’t keep it in the game because there isn’t much challenge in a boss who simply poops everywhere. (or is there….?)

Even though I decided NOT to keep this particular mechanic in the game, it’s given me ideas for future bosses.

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