Gotta start somewhere

Hello World!

Today starting my blog. Interesting, yeah?

I started my game dev journey what seems a million years ago, using graphic calculators to make simple text games. That was long enough that kids born back then are graduated from highschool. yeesh...

Now-a-days I'm a full time software developer, and working on games in my spare time.

It sounds worse than it is. I tried my hand at Game Development before I was a real software developer, and it was painful. Lots of bad code, days spent trying to figure out the simplest thing, lots of use of static variables...It was a glorious learning experience.

And so, here I am. A grown up pursuing my childhood dreams of a being a full time game developer, telling my stories and entertaining people at the same time.
I stuck with the original title "Hello World!", because this is a thing that (should) mean a lot to developers. This is typically the first thing we did, and sometimes the first thing we do when testing a new language, framework, or system. (That, and naming test variables really stupid things.)

There is no telling where this journey will take me. In any case, I'm stoked. 😉

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